Yingtai Long book Collection

Editorial Design, Books

Year ︎︎︎ 2018
Yingtai Long is one of the most important prose writers in Taiwan, as her books have come to their 40th years anniversary, I want to rebrand them using 4 senses and introduce her works to the younger generation.

I want to inject more imaginations into Taiwanese prose book covers.

Taiwanese designers are very willing to design literary books, but for prose, they mostly use "photographic works" as the main design. I think this design method has killed the literary nature of prose and should give more imagination to its book cover, so I started to design this book.

After all, Long Yingtai's books already have a certain degree of classicism. Since the focus of the book's repackaging and reprinting is on sales, rather than showing the "classicness", I want the next generation of young people to feel "Cool! Cool!" ", which in turn generates the psychology of wanting to read or buy.

No matter which book it is, Long Yingtai’s works have a touch of caution or compassion. If the cover can convey the critical tension of wildfires, the suffocation of the big rivers and the sea, the pain of watching the silence and the warning of listening, I would really miss it. To do this.


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