Acria Annual Report

Book, Editorial Design

Client ︎︎︎ ACRIA (practice work)
Year ︎︎︎ 2020
ACRIA is an organization related to the prevention and treatment of AIDS. I redesigned their annual report and linked the theme of the entire annual report with a lovely story of "a group of condom-shaped alien come to visit the earth", hoping to stop the discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

When people think of imagery related to AIDS, they tend to think of red, blood and cross.
I want to change their impression by introducing Acria as a group associate with approachable, diverse and hopeful through this redesign.

The report contains a lot of words and some statistical financial information. I tried to integrate different typography arrangements with illustrations to make this information lively and interesting so that the viewers are unconsciously guided to finish reading.

In actual printing, loop stitch binding is used. In addition, to allow the book to lie flat, the curve of a loop stitch also echoes the shape of the aliens in the book.


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