Munus Shih (t/he/y) is a Taiwanese Hakka designer, coder, organizer based in NYC, passionate about bringing more critical and diverse perspectives to teaching code. With a background in design and technology, Munus leverages contextual data and customized algorithms to explore community organizing.

Recently, Munus was a fellow for the Processing Foundation, where they contributed to open source projects and helped develop decolonial teaching resources. In collaboration with Iley Cao, they also co-developed p5.genzine, an open-source and user-friendly javascript library for anyone who’s curious about forking, remixing, and collaborative zine-making.

Munus’s practice explores critical code, queer studies, and community building and has been recognized through fellowships, festivals, and conference including Processing Foundation, Creative Coding Taiwan, 2023 Open Source Art Contributor Conference, and IBM Quantum Design.
︎  munusshih@newschool.edu
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