Angles: Cross-Perspectives in Design

Campaign Design, Poster, Website


An algorithmic and interactive poster campaign for an online global design lecture series.

︎︎︎Interactive Website
︎︎︎Pitch Deck

Angles is an online global lecture series in design hosting in four different cities in four different countries in the same month.

In order to celebrate the social, cultural, and political diversity of design as a global discipline through a series of four lecture, the lecture series need a generative design visual system that could represent both the importance and uniqueness of each city and their relationship to one another.

Moreover, the data-driven visual system could be easily adapted when changing the hosting city.

︎︎︎Interactive Website

As a solution, I designed a cosmos system in p5.js to automatically generate the visuals.

All the posters are algorithmically generated based on the distance between cities in an angular or linear way, giving the images substantial meaning through data.

The design community is just like a cosmos, rich, diverse, and full of stars. The cosmic analogy emphasizes how we are connected online like stars through this lecture series despite being geographically distanced. 


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