Esto es Diseño

Identity Design, Generative, Website


A generative rebrand of the the Chile design digital platform’s social media page with designer Dana Elkis.

Esto es Diseño is a small Chile digital editorial platform dedicated to disclose the impact of design on people’s daily lives.

As an intern at Design Systems International, I collaborated with designer Dana Elkis to develop a generative system from Esto es Diseño’s logo.

The new generative system draws inspirations from the original logo but provides a more modern solution with the aid of parameterization.

After some visual research of the original logo and some Chile artist’s works, we expanded and amplified the interesting pattern in the original logo into a generative system.

We also developed a fully functioned interface for our client to free them from the burden of having to design every animation from scratch.

Everything you see here is generated from the generator interface. It provides different sizes (for instagram stories and posts) with a detailed control panel to customize the design. It could export into mp4, png and even svg for specific needs.


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