Form x Future x Function

Campaign Design, Posters

Client ︎︎︎ Future Formosa Foundation
Year ︎︎︎ 2021

As “Form follow Function” with three Fs being a renowned rule for modern design, contemporary designers are challenging this brief and defining the new version of FFF. “Form x Future x Function” is a lecture on it while opens up to a penal discussion on the issue.

The concept of “Form Follows Function” was proposed by architect Louis Sullivan, and then carried forward by Bauhaus in the late 19th to early 20th century. Later became a classic criterion of modernist design, emphasizing that the form of design should follow the function of it.

By dividing these three Fs, we will re-examine the relationship between form and function in this lecture, and look at the new F: Future to explore the standards and values of new-generation design.

We invited designers Liao Yi-Hao, Du Hao-Wei, Wu Hsin-Mei each to host a subject and share with us their thoughts on the possibility of design in the current trend.

Hao-Wei shared with us his creative process and the context of the work. He furthermore talked about the possibility of graphic design in form and how each of us can explore and experiment with the context as a daily practice.

Starting from the senses, psychology, narrative, and behavior, Yi-Hao talked about the future and criticism of the design. How his recent works are the combinations of speculation, imagination, and experimentation in oneself, and how this undefined status of design is rare while yet to be explored.

Hsin-Mei shared some of her experiences of internship projects and went out talking about the functions and industry status in commercial design. She mentioned the importance of working in a large agency and how this has influenced her design strategies.
The young generation of designers is slowly changing the industry from the inside, as they are no more bounded by the old passive rule of “form follows function”, they are seeking their voices to be heard and co-design the future of the next FFF.


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