Generative Campaign: New Apple Postcard

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A generative postcard series that illustrates the diversity of new york city through an interactive algorithmic interface.

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New York, also known as Big Apple, is a city full of possibilities and people from all walks of life. I want to design a series of postcards to celebrate the diversity of the city with the aid of algorithm.
These postcards are illustrated by using each person’s name as data input. They visualize the rich diversity of new york city through algorithmic customization.

︎︎︎Interactive Generator

Leveraging the idea of "New York = Big Apple", I wanted to use these apples in different shapes, colors (minor), leaves shapes, etc. to symbolize the rich biodiversity in New York City.

Rather than generating these apples randomly, the apple's traits are visualized according to an algorithm that takes inputs from the recipient's names.

I first assigned each alphabet with a number, A = 1, B=2, C=3... and so on. Then, I designed three different modes to visualize these unique names:

  • Apples' sizes are based on the number of each alphabet
  • Apples' heights are based on the number of each alphabet
  • Apples' bites are based on the number of each alphabet. 

I've also picked three different quotes about apples or New York City to print on the postcards as a warm welcome invitation to welcome people who have received them to join this big family.

With some finishing touches and details in Photoshop, these postcards come in sets and are ready to be sent. I have also designed an online version with a friendly user interface for anyone to use and make their own version of the postcards.

They can type their names, choose the modes or colors and adjust the position or scale of the image then hit enter to download it.

Even though someone might have the same name as you do, each postcard’s composition, background colors, and typographies are all randomly generated and is hard to find another one that looks exactly the same. They are unique in every way, just like you.


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