Campaign Design, Posters, Motion

Client ︎︎︎ NTHU Artcenter
Year ︎︎︎ 2020
“Hong Kong, Shakespeare, A.I.” is the theme of the autumn and winter activities of the NTHU Artcenter. The overall stories are illustrated through three huge banners that together tell a sci-fi story of fictional futuristic Hong Kong city, 

The overall design takes place in a "cyberpunk Hong Kong sci-fi city" as the main stage of the story.

I developed a series of extended works to unify the three themes of "Hong Kong, Shakespeare, and artificial intelligence" in the autumn and winter activities of the NTHU Artcenter.

The largest truss takes the visual vernacular of old Hong Kong city, and redesign the neon signs view to become a key visual for the entire series; the other extensions use sci-fi illustrations and blue-green fluorescent halos to unify the visual tone.

The banner serves as an open door to welcome the students into this fictional world of Hong Kong, Shakespeare, and A.I.

Repeated typography with the same fonts and visual elements also makes the entire visual system more recognizable.

The motion design version invites the viewer to go into this futuristic cyberpunk world with flickering neon signs printed with the upcoming activities.


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