Layers: Generative Customized Skincare Package

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A data-driven package design for a customizable beauty brand. With the algorithmic grid system, the packages are also flexible and adaptive in height, width, and thickness.

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Layers produces customizable skincare products using organic ingredients. They extracted the best minerals in different soil layers and put them into each individual user’s formula.

Every customer is unique, their skincare formula is unique, but what about the package of their products?

︎︎︎Interactive Generator

In order to create customizable package experience, I designed an algorithm to map each user’s data into a bezier curve and generate their own unique layers packages.

The width of each layer visualizes the proportion of each organic ingredient in the product, and the curves are generated from the user’s names through ASCII code.

The grid design on the box is also responsively adaptive based on the size of the package. There are also multiple colors to choose from to add more variants to the series when thinking of producing a new string line of products.

By using the generator, the company could easily produce as many packages as possible for their users. So every box is unique and precious, just like you.


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