My Opinion on This Sentence

Editorial Design, Exhibition Design, Print Media

Year ︎︎︎ 2019
"My Opinion on This Sentence" is an anthology of experimental poems, exhibited in "Exhaust Cells" in 2019. In response to the "self-referentiality" theme in the poems, I use several reflective materials to convey this idea in various visual languages.

I also try to transform the text inside the poem collection in different media other than paper. Ranging from printed texts on reflective labels, handmade bronzing cover to printed on framed mirrors that will reflect the special lighting.

This work is an attempt to make literature, design, and exhibition work together and convey imaginative, narrative as well as tentative messages to the viewers.

This work is roughly divided into five chapters, which are related to "text", "society", "decadence", "weariness", and "death" respectively.

It is handled in a non-linear and relatively collage manner, with some interspersed in between, echoing the theme. Most of the contents are expected to respond to current events in a more ironic and circuitous way, or to derogate from the political situation.

“My Opinion on This Sentence, is deflected from this sentence.”


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