Observe ‧ NTHU

Brand Identity, Editorial Design

Client ︎︎︎ Observe NTHU
Position ︎︎︎ Art Director
Year ︎︎︎ 2018
“OBSERVE ‧ NTHU” is a school-wide student publication issued by the Digital Media Creation Agency of NTHU.

The motion graphics was designed by designer 李瑀晏 and concept/keyframe by Munus.

The eye represents the vision that Observe is going for, and will change its color based on the cover illustration. 

The main content is to report on student activities inside and outside the school. It is distributed in the school’s student dining halls, libraries, and various administrative or teaching buildings every fortnight. 

The first two editions invited illustrators Kuo Ting-Yu and Weikai Cheng to design the covers. We designed a flexible grid system that could be adapted in various layouts and later used by other designers to carry out.


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