Shitty Poems Collection

Book, Editorial Design, Posters

with Weikai Cheng
Independent Publishing
Year ︎︎︎ 2019

This is a collection of poems that I co-designed and wrote with Weikai Cheng called "Shitty Poems Collection". We mocked the College Entrance Exam of Taiwan and uses test papers, answer sheets as well as other exam materials to make this book. We also invited our friend, illustrator River Chang to do vivid and funny illustrations for the postcards.

We try to use lovely and colorful colors to sarcastically reveal our criticism and dissatisfaction with our College Entrance System.

Criticizing the over-deconstruction, disassembly of poems, and overfocusing of some complicated and trivial details in the exam.

Aside from ordinary poem collections that only contain words, we try to transform the poetry into visual works.

So that the whole collection of poetry is rich in pictures and texts, and uses different paper materials and colors to present different feelings.


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