Digital Design, Speculative Design, User Interface

Year ︎︎︎ 2020

“Diseasafari” is a Speculative Design work that imagined a technological futuristic world where all diseases are eliminated in advanced countries, and people from the first-world countries can book a “diseasafari” to third-world countries to observe famous diseases in their natural habitats.

“I first imagined a human-created Future Frame of Reference. With the technological evolution of medicines, people in more advanced countries have finally reached their goal of living in a disease-free environment.” 
Tom Klinkowstein
Since the younger generation does not know the feeling of being sick, they become curious about it. Thus, a service is proposed called “Diseasafari”, where people can book a flight to observe diseases in their natural habitats.

The work was aimed to reveal the inequality in the imbalanced distribution of health resources among countries right now and served as a practice of using design to engage the audience and question the world that we are living in.

The visualization graph shows how this service creates a better, more positive loop economic system for the poor in third world countries. I here challenge the audience into thinking about the dilemma between economy and morality and open up the discussion about whether this plausible future is the future we want, and how we can stop it from happening.

This is an interactive prototype of the booking website “Diseasafari.com”. I believe by using a design object like this, we can immediately draw the audience in and focus on thinking about the cultural, social, and political impact it might cause.


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