Uh Sorry, No Theory This Time

Campaign Design, Posters

Client ︎︎︎ 15x15 Studio
Year ︎︎︎ 2019

“Uh Sorry, No Theory This Time” is a series of lectures and workshops, mainly discussing about the different kinds of Designers and the actual working experiences, instead of design theories.

As the grids are flexible and full of unexplored possible combinations, so are the designers’ works that exist out there.

Design is an interdisciplinary subject. But there are not enough interdisciplinary discusssions.

We have invited several different fields of designers to share their thoughts and experiences with the students (including me). We hope that everyone interested in the field of design, but often don't know what this kind of designer "actually" does can participate in the event and join the community.

In order to perform in different sizes and layouts, the design grid for the event is stretchable and flexible. Different colors of rectangles can be separated or combines to fit the screen or cards they need.

The infinite possibilities of combinations in the grids indicate the same amounts of possibilities of future designers’ jobs.


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