Yue Han Literature Awards

Brand Identity,  Campaign Design

Client ︎︎︎ Yue Han Literature
Position ︎︎︎ Art Director
Year ︎︎︎ 2018
The theme of the year's Yue Han Literature Awards is 'Chun', and the original meaning of the word is: “When Spring is coming, all the hibernating insects wake up and thrive.”

When Spring is coming, all the hibernating insects wake up and thrive.

I further decompose the word 'Chun' into several different mandarin characters, and collects real flowers, leaves, plants, moss-like calligraphy to replace its structure. Aiming to convey a vibrant, bright feeling as well as the literary imagery of Yue Han Literature Award.

All the Chinese Calligraphy are designed by Yangching Lu. Combine with Chinese poems, the plants on the posters are later used for promotional posts on social media.

I also designed a book that collects all the awarded works. I chose cotton paper for the cover of the book to express the feeling of nature and softness through the sense of touch.

Printed directly on cotton paper with black ink, the texture of the leaves is expressed through the texture of the paper itself, and the feeling is conveyed in a tactile way.


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